• Food and Health Concerns Among People

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    November 29, 2019 /  Food

    In terms of nutrition food and health are great concern all over the world. The major concentration is on the threats exerted by kinds of foods, and how we can cut them by avoiding junk foods and modifying our daily diets. For example, many consumers avoid the white sugar as they perceive that it is harmful for health.

    Many nutrition and health authorities offer guidance for people to avoid health problems associated with over or under-consumption of certain foods. However, it largely depends on the attitude of the people to their food intake and health.

    There is no specific way to find out individual food concern. Many people express their concern many ways that are not familiar to them such as; additives receive more attention than the fat because people have less control over additives. So, people of different ages, gender and educational background will differ in health and food issues as their familiarity and control are different.

    Women are more conscious about food and health issues than men. They are largely responsible for cooking of food for child as well as all for other family members. Moreover, during shopping they have to harmonize the price of foods and nutrition needs of all the members of family.

    People who received higher education are more familiar and have more control over different issues. In contrast, uneducated people mostly take cheap and poor quality foods. Consequently, they face more health problems. So, they should be more concern about most issues.

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